15 Learners | 65 Completed Lessons | 16 Hours of Learning Time

As an educator, you have the power to unlock your students' potential in math. With Prodigy Math Game, a free RPG adventure, you can engage and motivate students while targeting critical math skills. 

On Alludo's Prodigy training, discover how this game-based learning platform creates an immersive world where math comes alive. Students embark on magical quests as wizard avatars, battling monsters by answering math questions correctly. With over 1,500 skills aligned to state standards, you can customize each student's journey to fill knowledge gaps and challenge learners at their level.

Weave Prodigy into your instruction for differentiated math practice. Our courses show you how to set up classes, assess students' abilities through adaptive placement tests, and assign skills-based lessons and homework. Leverage real-time reporting to monitor progress and growth over time. Prodigy translates play data into rich insights so you can provide targeted support.

Meet the needs of all learners with tools like video lessons and multiple question formats. Training also covers Focus Mode to increase time-on-task and Classroom Challenges to motivate practice through friendly competition. 

When math takes students on an epic adventure, they unlock their potential and your teaching is amplified. Discover the magic of Prodigy on Alludo.

Prodigy Activities

Quickly deploy Prodigy lessons to your entire district.

Points 25 | Time 00:15

Points 25 | Time 00:15

Points 25 | Time 00:10

Points 50 | Time 00:20

Points 25 | Time 00:15

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