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Transform Your Teaching with Freckle

Freckle is an adaptive learning platform that provides personalized math and ELA practice for K-12 students. As an educator, mastering Freckle can help you differentiate instruction, target student needs, and track progress like never before. 

Through targeted and adaptive assignments on Freckle, you can pinpoint exactly where students are struggling and provide the right activities to fill those gaps. The platform adjusts the difficulty and question types for each student, ensuring they receive practice that meets them at their level.

Freckle’s robust reporting also allows you to monitor growth and mastery. Detailed reports reveal how students perform on each question, while benchmark assessments demonstrate growth over time. You’ll gain invaluable insights to inform small group instruction and other interventions.

By leveraging Freckle, you can:

  • Personalize practice through adaptive assignments 
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and target student needs
  • Track progress with benchmark assessments
  • Access detailed reporting on student performance 
  • Differentiate instruction based on mastery levels

Whether you're new to Freckle or looking to maximize its capabilities, Alludo offers on-demand courses to skill up. Learn best practices for managing your roster, assigning assessments, analyzing reports, and more.

Bring out the best in your students with a research-backed adaptive learning platform. Master Freckle and transform your ability to pinpoint needs, track growth, and differentiate instruction in your classroom.

Freckle Activities

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Points 25 | Time 00:15

Points 25 | Time 00:15

Points 25 | Time 00:15

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