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Discover the Power of Streamlined EdTech with ClassLink 

ClassLink isn't just another edtech platform - it's a portal to simplify your teaching technology. Forget fumbling through bookmarks or memorizing dozens of passwords. With ClassLink, instantly access all your favorite education apps through one secure login.

The hassle-free hub liberates educators to focus on what matters most: powering meaningful learning. ClassLink's seamless single sign-on boosts productivity by reducing tech headaches. It's the antidote for app overload, with robust analytics providing usage insights to optimize your stack. 

Streamline cumbersome workflows with ClassLink's clever rostering and provisioning capacities. Say goodbye to manually creating accounts and resetting passwords. Automate it all through ClassLink while maintaining full control over users, licenses, and more. 

ClassLink also centralizes critical student data, pulling key information from connected applications into an integrated data warehouse. Identify at-risk learners faster through the lens of holistic academic and engagement records.        

Transform your teaching technology from source of frustration to flow-state facilitator. ClassLink's portal ushers in a new era of simplified EdTech access. Join the thousands of K-12 institutions already liberating learning with ClassLink.

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