Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn

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Microsoft Learn empowers educators with innovative tools and resources to enhance classroom learning. Available on the professional development platform Alludo, Microsoft Learn helps teachers leverage technology to engage students and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.  

This self-paced online training gives you access to Microsoft's cutting-edge curriculum aligned with industry-recognized certifications. Whether you want to explore artificial intelligence, virtual collaboration, or cloud computing, Microsoft Learn opens up a world of possibilities.

As an educator, you nurture curiosity and cultivate young minds. With Microsoft Learn, you can continue to evolve your own skill set with dynamic modules on emerging technologies. From AI assistants to quantum computing, each course delves into real-world applications to get students excited about STEM careers.

The interactive tutorials break complex concepts into bite-sized lessons. You’ll earn badges as you master new skills, adding credentials to your teaching portfolio. The personalized dashboard tracks your progress so you can showcase your achievements.

Microsoft Learn also provides teaching materials to engage tech-savvy learners with coding challenges, virtual labs, and hackathons. Bring these activities into your classroom to inspire the innovators and problem-solvers of the future.  

With the power of Microsoft Learn, you can continue to grow as an educator while preparing students for 21st century jobs. Unlock transformative learning experiences focused on in-demand skills like data analytics, cloud computing, and app development. 

Let Microsoft Learn reignite your passion for teaching on the professional development platform trusted by over 1 million users. Expand your technical abilities with the backing of a Fortune 500 tech leader driving workplace innovation.

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