National Geographic Reach for Reading

National Geographic Reach for Reading

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Unlock the Explorer in Every Student with National Geographic Reach for Reading

Journey to lands near and far with Reach for Reading, the K-6 reading and language arts program built to captivate young imaginations. Packed with National Geographic images and content, Reach for Reading taps into students' innate curiosity about the world, hooking them with engaging science and social studies themes. 

As an educator, you have the power to shape curious students into courageous, compassionate explorers. Reach for Reading equips you with the tools you need to guide students on this mission. Through strategic routines and assessments, you’ll teach essential reading strategies to help students navigate complex texts. Leverage the digital library’s wealth of resources to plan unforgettable learning adventures, from analyzing primary sources to virtual field trips. 

Empower students to think critically about our amazing planet. The Comprehension Coach feature boosts understanding with targeted questions and gives you real-time analytics to inform instruction. With online assignments and assessments, you can check student progress at a glance.  

Don’t just teach to standards. With Reach for Reading, you’ll instill a lifelong love of discovery. Let National Geographic captivate young minds while you shape the explorers of tomorrow. The journey starts now at Alludo. 

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