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Teachers face a constant challenge - how to effectively instruct a classroom full of students with diverse needs and learning styles. This is where differentiation comes in. Differentiation allows teachers to modify and adapt teaching methods, content, assessment, and even the learning environment to play to the unique strengths and interests of each student. 

The best teachers have an arsenal of differentiation strategies at their disposal. This includes techniques like tiered assignments, compacting curriculum, choice boards, stations/centers, and more. Implementing these strategies takes intentional planning, but the payoff can be immense. Studies show differentiated classrooms can lead to higher student engagement, critical thinking, and academic growth. 

Alludo recognizes the critical importance of training teachers on differentiation best practices. Their online courses and resources help educators master differentiation strategies that make a real difference:

  • Discover what differentiation is, why it matters, and how to get started
  • Learn 50+ specific methods to differentiate content, process, product, and environment  
  • Create engaging choice boards that give students voice and choice in their learning
  • Use differentiation techniques to promote higher-order thinking and rigor for all
  • Overcome curriculum constraints and differentiate effectively, even in rigid systems
  • Watch model lessons showing differentiation strategies used effectively in real classrooms

Whether you’re just starting out with differentiation or looking to bring new ideas into your practice, Alludo has the training and resources to take your teaching to the next level. Unlock the tools to reach every student that walks through your classroom door.

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