UDL Engage: Self-Regulation (Internalize)

28 Learners | 28 Completed Lessons | 19 Hours of Learning Time

Learning Activity

While it is important to design the extrinsic environment so that it can support motivation and engagement (see Recruiting Interest and Sustaining Effort & Persistence), it is also important to develop learners’ intrinsic abilities to regulate their own emotions and motivations. 

The ability to self-regulate—to strategically modulate one’s emotional reactions or states in order to be more effective at coping and engaging with the environment—is a critical aspect of human development. 

A key instructional goal is to build the individual skills in self-regulation and self-determination that will equalize such learning opportunities (see Self Regulation). In the meantime, the external environment must provide options that can equalize accessibility by supporting learners who differ in initial motivation, self-regulation skills, etc.

In this activity, we will dive deeper into the UDL Framework Guideline, Engagement and learn more about sustaining effort and persistence.


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