CSM: Social Networks for Teachers and Students

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Learning Activity

The Internet is a great way to connect with others -- from colleagues to professionals halfway across the globe. Many teachers create a personal learning network, or PLN, on social media sites like Twitter or with apps like Voxer. These networks encourage educators to share ideas, collaborate, and address classroom challenges.

Students can use online networking to connect with role models, like their favorite authors, and find new friends online. You could also encourage your students to use social networking sites to form study groups and share resources. (Check out Common Sense Media's list of safe networking and social media sites designed exclusively for children and adolescents.)

1. Use the resources below (and find your own resources), then answer the questions below. 

  • How do you use the Internet for networking? Do you have a PLN?
  • How could your students use the Internet for networking?
  • How have digital communications changed the way people network?

2. Create or update a profile or account you use to network (ie. Twitter, LinkedIn) and upload a screenshot of your account profile.


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