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Small group work should be seen daily and driven by data. Small groups are not only meant for students who may need reteaching, but also students that show they are ready to be pushed to a deeper understanding, and students who are working on grade level. By using small groups effectively, we are able to keep students engaged in work that keeps them in their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) for longer periods of time and engaged in more meaningful work. Effective practices around small group instruction are:

  • They are occurring weekly
  • They are data-driven
  • The groupings are dynamic
  • They teach content
  • They are teaching transferable skills
  • They are differentiated in skill level to meet the needs of students

For this activity, please read through the articles linked in the Resources section. In at least three sentences, (1) describe your experience with small group instruction, and (2) describe what tips you learned from one of the resources that you'll use to improve your use of small group instruction. 


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