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Did you know BrainPOP has a wealth of teaching & learning resources available to you with just a few clicks? BrainPOP used to be, long ago, known as "a movie and a quiz." Not anymore. There are a variety of activities for students to engage in and use to demonstrate mastery of a topic or concept.  In this activity, you will be a student and engage in one of the many educational games available within BrainPOP and available to assign to your students. This will help you know what their experience will be like when you use this resource.

You must first log into BrainPop with your school subscription. Visit BrainPop 101 and work your way through the activities starting with Movie. When you are finished you will reflect on your experience and download and attach your completion certificate below.


What Is BrainPop 101?

  • Login to your BrainPOP teacher account.

  • After successfully logging in, go to BrainPOP 101 in the menu icons at the top of your screen.
  • Starting with Movie, work your way through all 8 icons. Spending a few extra moments playing as a student TRULY helps you understand how BrainPop has set up their extra features to support teachers and student learning.
  • Once you have completed all 8 courses you will receive a certificate. Download your certificate and upload it below. Don't forget to reflect on your experience.

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