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33 Learners | 33 Completed Lessons | 11 Hours of Learning Time

Learning Activity

A Personalized Instruction Summary report provides a comprehensive look at the Personalized Instruction activity for a class. Teachers can view the key metrics associated with student gains, see how students are performing and progressing on lessons, and view students’ Lesson Time-on-Task data. Use this type of report to monitor lesson progress and plan instruction. 

Some of the data presented in this report are alerts. There are two types of alerts shown in this type of report, both indicate that a student is struggling with Personalized Instruction: 

  • Struggling with Lessons Alert: Signals this student is struggling with a lesson and has not passed multiple lessons in a row within the same domain. If the student continues to struggle, each domain in which they are struggling will be shut off. Click the + icon to see more details.
  • Domain Shutoff Alert: Indicates that instruction in one (or more) domain has been automatically turned off for the student because they have not passed two lessons in that domain twice. Click the + icon to see more details.  

For this activity, review the Personalized Instruction Summary report for your class.


Online Instruction Action Plan for Leaders 

How to access Personalized Instruction Summary 

  1. Select Reports from the top navigation. Click on Class and select the Instruction report type. 
  2. Select Reading or Math under Personalized Instruction Summary. 
  3. Select the your Class/Report Group and Date Range.

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