iMovie: Enhancing Picture Quality

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Learning Activity

Make your videos look better using tools in iMovie to improve the color, brightness, and stability of each clip. With a few quick adjustments, you can make great-looking movies that look more polished and professional.

Follow the steps below to learn how to make adjustments to picture quality. Take and upload a screenshot of you making adjustments (see example below)

Viewer showing automatic color adjustment applied to movie


Enhancing Clips in iMovie

  1. In the iMovie app  on your Mac, select a clip in the browser or the timeline.
  2. Click the Enhance button  in the adjustments bar above the viewer.

The video and audio in the clip are automatically enhanced, and some of the other buttons in the adjustments bar (usually the Color Balance and Color Correction buttons) become highlighted, indicating that adjustments have been made in the corresponding categories. If your clip contains audio and would benefit from a volume boost, the Volume button becomes highlighted as well.

Making Color Adjustments

  1. In the iMovie app  on your Mac, select a clip or range in the browser or the timeline.

  2. To show the color balance controls, click the Color Balance button.

    Color Balance button in adjustments bar
  3. Click the Auto button.

    The clip’s color values are automatically adjusted, removing any color casts and maximizing contrast. The Color Balance and Auto buttons are both highlighted when you select the clip, to indicate that you’ve applied automatic color adjustments.

    Viewer showing automatic color adjustment applied to movie

    To remove the changes, click the Reset button to the right of the color balance controls.

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