Buncee: Microsoft Courses on SEL and Innovation in the Library

2 Learners | 2 Completed Lessons | 1 Hour of Learning Time

Learning Activity

Buncee is a web-based creation tool designed to help students become self-directed producers. Buncee believes that creativity and deep engagement accelerates the learning process and helps students retain learned concepts. 

Using Buncee, students can easily build multimedia projects and digital stories to showcase their learning. Buncee helps educators develop media-rich assignments and assessments and community outreach materials. 

Buncee offers courses on different topics of professional development for educators. 

For this activity, you will be able to choose from two courses that you would like to complete. Find the links to the courses in the Resource section.  


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Points 25 | Time 00:15

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Points 50 | Time 00:30

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