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Buncee is a web-based creation tool that makes it easy for students to become self-directed producers of multimedia projects. With Buncee, educators can spark creativity and deepen learning engagement to help students thrive. 

On the Alludo professional development platform, discover how Buncee can transform your classroom. Through interactive courses and on-demand training, learn best practices for implementing Buncee to boost student achievement.

Tap Into the Power of Multimedia Learning

Students retain more information when learning is active and visual. With Buncee, liven up lessons as students make interactive presentations, animated stories, graphic reports, and more. They gain valuable multimedia communication skills while showcasing creativity.

Build Deeper Understanding Through Creation

The act of creating helps cement core concepts. With Buncee, students apply critical thinking to demonstrate understanding in fresh, engaging ways. Educators can develop media-rich assignments tailored to learning objectives.  

Promote Student Voice and Choice

Buncee empowers students to direct their own learning. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, they can incorporate video, audio, images, and text to produce unique projects. This promotes agency, ownership, and a growth mindset.

Enliven Assessments and Community Outreach

Buncee is ideal for alternative assessments, digital portfolios, community projects, and more. Educators can use Buncee to develop authentic performance tasks that drive meaningful learning.

Join a Community of Innovative Educators 

On Alludo, take ideas from leading Buncee educators. With a wealth of courses and on-demand training, build skills to engage digital natives and promote success for all. Unlock student potential with Buncee!

Buncee Activities

Quickly deploy Buncee lessons to your entire district.

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