Microsoft ETF Framework: Leadership and Policy

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The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework is a guide for education leaders to navigate the complexity of transformation impacting every aspect of their mission. It facilitates the process of envisioning what's possible and developing a strategy to achieve it. 

The ways people interact, socialize, and work are shifting rapidly. By the time the primary students of today become the graduates of 2030, the world will be vastly different from anything previous generations have experienced.

In this module, school leaders and educators learn to envision and create an intentional culture of innovation and learning. This culture has shared goals that engage the community. These goals also motivate leaders, educators, and all stakeholders to plan and lead change through collaboration. 

Complete the module and then upload a screenshot of your Transcript and the Module Title you have just completed for this activity. To navigate to your transcript, select your profile icon  at the top right of your account. Then select Profile which will open up your recent activity screen. On the left of the screen, select Transcript. Then take a screenshot of your transcript ensuring the module that you have just completed is visible along with the date you completed it.


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