Microsoft ETF Framework

Microsoft ETF Framework

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The ways we interact, socialize, and work are changing rapidly. By the time today's students graduate in 2030, the world will look vastly different than anything previous generations experienced. As education leaders, how do you prepare your teachers and students for this fast-approaching future? 

Microsoft's Education Transformation Framework (ETF) is a practical guide to navigate this complexity. Built on years of research and experience, the ETF gives you a holistic strategy to envision possibilities and lead change in your district or school.  

Through the ETF, Microsoft equips you to create an innovative culture focused on your community's needs. You'll build shared goals that motivate educators, staff, and stakeholders to transform teaching and learning.

The ETF supports student-centered growth by reimagining curriculum, assessments, devices, and spaces to unleash every child's potential. It guides you to create flexible models that meet the diverse needs of all students.  

You'll also learn to leverage data and technology, like Microsoft 365, to build intelligent environments focused on optimization, efficiency, and sustainability. The ETF integrates safety and security best practices so you can enable new models while protecting students.

Most importantly, the ETF focuses on empowering educators. It gives you strategies to nurture teachers' professional learning so they can develop students' academic and life skills. When you support teacher growth, you drive student success.

Alludo's ETF online training modules make this world-class framework practical for your district. Through engaging videos, knowledge checks, and application activities, your leadership teams will gain strategies to transform education in your context.

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