Challenges with using ChatGPT/Generative AI Tools in the Classroom

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There are a number of challenges with relying on Generative AI tools both in and out of the classroom. Some of these challenges include:

  • Limited domain knowledge: ChatGPT has been trained on a wide range of topics, but it may not have the same level of expertise in a particular field as a human expert. This can result in inaccurate or incomplete answers to questions that require specific domain knowledge.
  • Lack of common sense: Although ChatGPT has access to vast amounts of information, it may not have the same contextual understanding as a human. This can lead to misunderstandings or nonsensical responses to certain questions.
  • Biases: ChatGPT's training data may contain biases, if the original source data contains any bias. 
  • Language barriers: ChatGPT may struggle with understanding and generating responses in languages that it has not been trained on.
  • Privacy and security concerns: Since ChatGPT is an AI language model, it may not have the same level of privacy and security protections as a human. There is a risk that sensitive information could be inadvertently shared or accessed through ChatGPT.
  • Lack of emotional intelligence: ChatGPT may not be able to detect or respond appropriately to emotions or tone in language. This can make it challenging to provide empathetic or nuanced responses in certain situations. 
  • ChatGPT is not connected to the Internet. Its unique knowledge base was from events up to 2021. If asked about events after 2021, it may tell you it cannot respond or it may make up an answer!

It is important to note that these challenges are not unique to ChatGPT, but apply to all AI language models. As with any tool or technology, it is essential to understand its limitations and use it appropriately to achieve the desired outcomes.


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