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GoGuardian: The Classroom Management Tool Every Educator Needs

In today's digital world, keeping students focused during class can feel like an uphill battle. With endless distractions at their fingertips, from social media to gaming sites, getting and keeping attention is no easy feat. This is where GoGuardian comes in. 

GoGuardian is revolutionary classroom management software that helps educators eliminate distractions, better connect with students, and save precious time. With powerful features like automatic website and app blocking, screen monitoring, and chat filters, GoGuardian gives you control over student devices during class.

Alludo offers educators a comprehensive training program on implementing GoGuardian. Through self-paced online courses, you'll master essentials like getting started, integrating with Google Classroom, managing classroom sessions, using chat and video conferencing, and more. 

Whether you're teaching in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model, GoGuardian is a must-have tool for the modern classroom. Alludo's training ensures you'll fully leverage its capabilities for engaged, focused learning. Students can't sneak off-task, and you'll regain precious teaching time once lost to digital diversions.

Take control of the classroom again with GoGuardian and Alludo. Our forward-thinking tools create an optimal learning environment for the next generation. See why tens of thousands of schools already use GoGuardian to drive student growth through active participation.

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