Our Community

Our Community

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Embrace Culturally Responsive Teaching with Alludo's Our Community Training

Today's classrooms reflect an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As educators, how can we fully engage and empower every student? Alludo's Our Community training equips teachers with the mindsets, skills, and resources for culturally responsive teaching.  

Through interactive online courses, you'll explore research-backed strategies to:

  • Foster an inclusive classroom culture based on mutual understanding and respect
  • Address unconscious bias and microaggressions  
  • Incorporate diverse texts and materials that affirm students' identities
  • Design lessons and assessments that leverage students' unique strengths  
  • Partner with families and communities to support student success

Specifically, Our Community training leverages Learning for Justice classroom resources to tackle topics like race, class, bias, and more through a social justice lens. You'll find ready-to-use lesson plans, rubrics, and multimedia content on relevant issues. For example, the Classroom Culture theme provides guidance on establishing norms, managing behavior issues, and resolving conflicts equitably. 

Additionally, the training explains frameworks like Ruby Payne's research on the hidden rules of class and economic inequality. Use these insights to empathize with the barriers facing students in poverty. With enhanced understanding, you can better support their needs in a judgment-free way.

At the end of the training, you'll compile learnings into an action plan for weaving social justice principles throughout curriculum and instruction. Share ideas with colleagues to expand the reach of culturally responsive teaching across your school or district.

Make every student feel seen, heard, and capable of success. Register today for transformative Our Community training on Alludo.

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