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Unlock Your Team's Potential with Microsoft Teams Training

As an educator, you know that effective collaboration and communication are key to student success. Yet juggling different platforms, tools, and channels can be challenging. What if there was an easier way? 

Microsoft Teams brings everything together in one place—chat, video meetings, calling, files, whiteboard, and more. With Teams training tailored specifically for educators on Alludo, you can unlock your team's full potential.  

Join Interactive Video Meetings and Webinars

Easily host meetings, webinars, and live events for up to 1,000 attendees. Share screens, co-author whiteboards, use breakout rooms, polls, Q&As and more to actively engage participants. The robust set of moderator controls also helps you manage large groups with ease.

Boost Student Collaboration 

Spark creativity and collaboration with Office 365 integration, co-authoring abilities, and Loop components for real-time editing. Teams enables group assignments, rubric grading, and anonymous marking to make managing teamwork smooth.

Create an Organized Digital Hub

The Classroom Homepage in Teams helps you easily customize a central landing page with assignments, files, calendar, resources and more—reducing the digital sprawl. The intuitive Classwork tab also lets you access student work and provide feedback in one place.

Gain Actionable Insights

With granular analytics on student engagement, assignment trends and grading history, you can tailor your approach based on data and insights. This helps enhance learning outcomes.

Whether you're already using Teams or are looking to make the switch, Alludo's Microsoft Teams training modules, with over 30 activities to choose from, will help you and your staff master remote and hybrid learning. 

Join engaging video meetings. Foster seamless collaboration. Organize across tools. Discover data-driven insights. 

With Alludo and Teams, you can build a more connected classroom.

Start your Microsoft Teams journey today!

Teams Activities

Quickly deploy Teams lessons to your entire district.

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Points 25 | Time 00:15

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