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Transport your elementary school lessons to new destinations with Google Maps. This powerful mapping technology allows students to explore the world and develop valuable real-world skills, from planning dream vacations to charting history along the Silk Road. 

With intuitive navigation and built-in creation tools, Google Maps brings global discovery into the classroom. Students can map important events on interactive timelines, calculate distances between famous landmarks, and even design their own customizable maps. The possibilities for engaging interdisciplinary activities are endless.

Keyword research shows high demand for Google Maps lessons that help young learners develop spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and technology fluency. By leveraging this versatile platform as part of a future-ready curriculum, educators enable students to become expert navigators of the digital world. 

With the right training, teachers can seamlessly integrate mapping technology across subjects and grade levels. Unlock new pathways to student engagement with video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and ready-to-implement activities. Expert guidance makes it easy to incorporate mapping into lesson plans in language arts, math, science, social studies, and beyond.  

Equip your students with in-demand geospatial skills for the 21st century. With Alludo, you can learn how to use Google Maps, and classrooms can embark on virtual field trips anytime, anywhere. The whole world is now within reach!

Maps Activities

Quickly deploy Maps lessons to your entire district.

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