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Unlock the Power of Real-Time Collaboration with Classkick

Classkick opens up dynamic new possibilities for learning by enabling real-time collaboration between teachers and students. This free app transforms any device into an interactive workspace where teachers can create and assign paperless activities, see students' work as they complete it, and provide instant feedback and guidance.  

Students benefit from working at their own pace with privacy to ask questions and get the personalized help they need. Peer-to-peer support creates meaningful learning connections within the classroom community. Classkick's versatility makes it easy to integrate with existing curriculum to amplify engagement whether learning in person, remotely, or in hybrid environments.

With Alludo's Classkick training, you'll discover how this tool can make your classroom come alive. Learn how to import rosters from Google Classroom to set up your classes in minutes. Step-by-step videos walk you through creating interactive assignments with different question types to fit diverse learning objectives. Discover efficiency-enhancing features like auto-grading for quizzes and fill-in-the-blank activities. 

You'll also explore Classkick's robust real-time collaboration capabilities. See how the virtual whiteboard enables you to view all students' work simultaneously so you can identify who needs more guidance. Use annotations and stickers to provide encouraging, specific feedback to individuals and groups. Set up peer learning by allowing students to anonymously help classmates. Voice comments add a personal touch when written remarks just won't do.  

In today's busy world, Classkick makes it possible to extend learning beyond the classroom walls seamlessly. Get the knowledge you need to implement this game-changing tool with Alludo's Classkick training. Collaborative, personalized learning is within reach - unlock its potential for your students today!

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