iPad: Photos

iPad: Photos

26 Learners | 48 Completed Lessons | 12 Hours of Learning Time

Unlock the Power of Photos on your iPad

Do you want to take your iPad photography skills to the next level? On Alludo's new iPad: Photos course, you'll discover how to edit, organize, and share photos like a pro. 

Learn Key Editing Techniques

Our step-by-step video tutorials walk you through using Markup to add personality to everyday objects. Apply color splash effects to make part of your photo black & white while keeping key elements in color. We’ll guide you in creating eye-catching slideshows with themes, music, and text. And turn your selfies into pop art masterpieces with our easy-to-follow lessons.

Take Control of Your Photo Library 

Struggling to find that one perfect shot? We’ll show you how to use albums, search, and other tools to wrangle even the biggest photo collections. You'll learn how to resize images for printing or sharing online. And with our selection techniques, you'll be able to multi-select hundreds of photos in seconds.

Share Your Photos with Friends & Family  

Impress your loved ones by using your new skills to create personalized photo books, cards, and calendars. We’ll demonstrate how easy it is to share albums so everyone can enjoy your images. And you’ll discover efficient workflows for getting photos off your iPad to other devices and services. 

Join the Alludo Community!

When you sign up for iPad: Photos, you also get access to discussion forums where you can get feedback, share your work, and connect with other aspiring iPad photographers. It’s a supportive community focused on helping our members take their skills to the next level.

So don't wait - unlock the power of Photos on your iPad today! 

Enroll now and start learning.

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Points 25 | Time 00:15

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Points 25 | Time 00:15

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