Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design

Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design

33 Learners | 242 Completed Lessons | 165 Hours of Learning Time

We live in a rapidly changing world. As educators, preparing our students with the skills they need to thrive is more critical than ever. That's why Microsoft's 21st Century Learning Design program is so valuable. 

21st Century Learning Design provides a practical framework and research-based methodology for designing cutting-edge learning activities that build the competencies students need now and in the future. Through eight interactive online modules on the Alludo platform, you'll learn how to leverage technology to foster collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and other essential aptitudes in your classroom. 

These aren't just abstract concepts either. 21st Century Learning Design gives you concrete tools and examples that can be applied in your specific context. You'll code sample lesson plans across subjects using provided rubrics. You'll reimagine curriculum through the lens of 21st Century Learning Design's eight dimensions, from Knowledge Construction to Real World Problem Solving and Innovation. 

Microsoft's 21st Century Learning Design course is more than professional development. It's a complete roadmap for transformation. One that equips you to guide students as they create, connect, and prepare for life beyond school. 

On Alludo, you'll join a community of peers and have access to Microsoft experts along the way. The content is practical, the technology is cutting edge, and the instructors are second to none.  

Whether you teach kindergarten or high school calculus, 21st Century Learning Design will revolutionize how you teach and design learning experiences. And in the process, you'll be readying students for higher education, career, and citizenship in our ever-changing world.

If you're ready to lead change in your classroom, school, and district, explore Microsoft's 21st Century Learning Design training on Alludo today. This is learning design for the 21st century. And it's learning that works.

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