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Take advantage of Khan's free online courses -- find relevant materials in math, science, arts & humanities, history and more.

Customize Khan Academy by assigning a specific content topic that you are studying with your students. (See steps below.)


Khan Academy

  1. Search out the topic by typing in the topic in the search box

  1. This will bring up a list of results for that topic. It will bring up all of the lessons, videos, community forum posts, and questions that fall in that category.  Find the one you wish to assign the students.

  1.  Once you’ve decided what videos or problems you want the students to watch, copy the website from the top, and paste it into your Google Classroom, Haiku, an e-mail etc.  Students can then click the link, log in, and begin working on those assignments.  

  2. Remind students to log in, because they won’t be starting on the login page.  

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