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Khan Academy

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Expanding Horizons with Khan Academy

As an educator, you have the profound privilege and responsibility of shaping young minds. With the vast resources of Khan Academy now easily accessible, imagine the doors you can open for your students. 

Through Alludo's guided Khan Academy training, discover how this free online learning platform can expand your curriculum and captivate students' interests. Tap into over 10,000 video lessons and practice exercises covering math, science, computing, arts, and more. 

Customize the experience with tailored assignments, unlocking data and insights to pinpoint students' strengths and knowledge gaps. The real-time progress tracking allows you to provide targeted one-on-one guidance during class, form optimal study groups, analyze problem areas, and highlight misconceptions for teachable moments.

Take your teaching to the next level with Classroom Coaching. Our experts help you implement Khan Academy and leverage its built-in teacher resources to maximize student growth. We'll collaborate to set goals, model best practices for blended learning, and ensure you feel empowered as an instructor. 

Join the thousands of teachers worldwide who rely on Khan Academy to foster deeper understanding and instill a love of lifelong learning. Expand what's possible in your classroom today.

Khan Academy Activities

Quickly deploy Khan Academy lessons to your entire district.

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