DOK: Students create DOK questions

10 Learners | 10 Completed Lessons | 8 Hours of Learning Time

Learning Activity

Student understanding of DOK levels leads to a higher level of mastery and often takes some pressure off of the teacher to ensure students are engaged in critical thinking through the curriculum.  

This activity was created as a tool for checking for mastery.  Couple this activity with a lesson that you are scheduled to teach.  For example, this could be a culminating activity at the end of a chapter.

  • Review the DOK chart linked in the resources below.  

  • Group students into teams of 4 and allow students 1 minute to create a name for their group that represents the lesson you just taught.  

  • Share and review the chart with your students

  • Focusing on levels 3 and 4, ask students to create an assessment of the lesson you taught.  

  • After students have shared their work, use one or more of the assessments to check for mastery of the lesson and ensure your students are using critical thinking skills to further understanding. 


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