Depth of Knowledge and Rigor/Relevance Framework

Depth of Knowledge and Rigor/Relevance Framework

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Are your lessons rigorously relevant? Equip educators with the framework to engage students through real-world critical thinking. 

What if students begged for more homework because they couldn't wait to tackle the next meaty challenge? Sound too good to be true? The Rigor/Relevance Framework makes it possible. 

This revolutionary teaching model melds academic rigor with real-world relevance to light students' minds on fire. Lessons leap off the page, spurring the deep critical thinking that sticks with students for life.  

By incorporating Webb's Depth of Knowledge levels into instruction, educators can dial up the cognitive challenge. Students will wrestle with complex texts, data, and multi-step problems that unfold over time like detective stories. The answer isn't always obvious upfront, but unlocking the solution brings an adrenaline rush of discovery. 

Relevance connects classroom concepts to students' lives and interests through authentic projects. For example, math students could design surveys on topics that matter to them, then analyze the data to find fascinating insights. Students gain hands-on practice with concepts so they can recognize how to apply skills in work and higher education.

The Rigor/Relevance Framework's transformational power has been proven by schools nationwide. One district saw math proficiency increase from 29% to 73% in 2 years. ELA scores doubled over 4 years in another district.  

Equip your team with the tools to make learning addictive for your students. Our online modules guide educators step-by-step through implementing academic rigor and real-world relevance. Refresh and strengthen instruction through interactive application activities. 

Light the spark of engaged, meaningful learning with the Rigor/Relevance Framework. Register today to bring this transformational teaching approach to your school!

Depth of Knowledge and Rigor/Relevance Framework Activities

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