What is HyFlex / Hybrid Flex?

18 Learners | 18 Completed Lessons | 5 Hours of Learning Time

Learning Activity

In the Hybrid Flex / HyFlex model, portions of each class session and learning activity are offered in-person, synchronously online, and/or asynchronously online.  This  model requires teachers to consider how students will interact with the lesson and show evidence of learning, with one group in-person and another group online.

This model keeps all students on the same pace, with modifications to the lesson plan. Following is an example showing modifications to a literacy strategy depending on if the student is in-person, online synchronously following along, or online asynchronously completing the task:


Discussion Roundtable


Students are in socially-distanced, small groups participating in discussion.

Each student is submitting their discussion roundtable work via Pear Deck or Nearpod, Slides/Docs, or even on paper

SYNCHRONOUS / in Video Conference

Students are in Breakout rooms having small group discussion following Discussion Roundtable protocol

Each student is submitting their work via Pear Deck or Nearpod, or in a Doc or Slide template.


Share ideas in Flipgrid, use Discussion Roundtable doc template to fill in notes on three Classmates’ flipgrid responses.


Lauren Kaufman shares her thoughts in the article below

5 Quick Tips For HyFlex Instruction (Dec 3, 2020)

  • HyFlex instruction is when teachers provide in-person and online learning experiences simultaneously.
  • Tips for HyFlex instruction include being simple and authentic, checking in with students, using the chat feature, keeping the meet on during independent activities, making eye contact with learners, and providing ongoing feedback.

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