Keynote: Insert Tables and Charts

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Learning Activity

Tables and Charts are a great way to demonstrate information to your audience in a clear way. You can use tables and charts to show data, relationships, organizational charts or comparisons. 

Review the resources below and then create a new Keynote presentation and add either a Table or a Chart to your slide. You can use information from your classwork or data you have found on the internet.

Make sure your tables/charts are clearly formatted, labelled and look good!


Insert Tables

  1. Click the Table button in the toolbar, then select a table or drag one to the slide. Choose a Style.
  2. Enter text or numbers. Click a cell, then type. Use the Tab or arrow keys to move from cell to cell.
  3. To add or remove rows: Click the table, click the Add Row button in its bottom-left corner, then click the arrows.
  4. Change the format of the table using the Format sidebar

Insert Charts

  1. Click the Chart button in the toolbar, then click 2D, 3D, or Interactive to see different chart types.
  2. To add data, click the chart, click the Edit Chart Data button near the chart, then enter your data in the Chart Data editor.
  3. Close the Chart Data editor to return to your chart.

Understanding Sheets and Tables In Mac Numbers (Video)

Creating Bar Charts and Graphs (Video)

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