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Unlock the Power of Google Slides for Educators

Google Slides opens up a world of possibilities for educators to create visually engaging and interactive presentations, flip their classrooms, and promote active learning. With Alludo's comprehensive Google Slides training, discover how this versatile platform can transform your teaching.

Spice Up Presentations with Animations and Transitions  

Make your presentations pop by utilizing Google Slides' library of animations and transitions. Captivate your audience as bullet points glide in with a bounce or emphasize key ideas as they fade into view. Alludo’s courses show you how to add movement and dynamism to amplify student engagement.

Record Lectures to Flip Your Class

Can't make it to class? No problem! With Alludo, learn how to pre-record slide-based video lectures that students can access on their own time as "homework." Then use your precious in-person time for rich discussion and collaborative work. Take your classroom into the future with flexible, self-paced eLearning.

Turn PDFs into Interactive Learning Tools

Tired of static PDF worksheets and assignments? Discover techniques for transforming PDFs into living Google Slides that allow students to actively fill in information, rather than just passively reading. Promote understanding through doing rather than only seeing.  

And So Much More!

From creating choice boards to building digital portfolios, Alludo opens up a treasure trove of Google Slides functionality. With specialized courses for educators, uncover little-known hacks that save time while boosting student achievement. The possibilities are endless - start your Slides journey today!

Slides Activities

Quickly deploy Slides lessons to your entire district.

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