Hour of Code

Hour of Code

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Do you want to empower your students and unlock their potential to be future innovators, creators, and leaders? Hour of Code is your gateway. This global grassroots campaign introduces K-12 students to computer science through fun, quick, one-hour coding activities that spark creativity and show anyone can learn coding basics.

Join over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide leading the Hour of Code movement. Tap into a treasure trove of self-guided tutorials requiring no prior coding experience. Options range from kindergarten to high school, offering unplugged to online activities to suit diverse needs. 

The magic happens every December during Computer Science Education Week. That's when millions of students worldwide celebrate the power of computer science to change the world. Take your class on an exhilarating journey of discovery and collaboration. See creativity explode as they problem-solve challenges far beyond what you thought possible.

Fuel life-changing "I can do this!" moments. Watch confidence and tenacity grow with every line of code. By the end of one short hour, spark passion that launches careers and makes dreams reality.

Be the teacher who transformed student outlooks on learning forever. The one who opened their eyes to undiscovered talents. Who stretched technology knowledge beyond just being tech consumers to seeing themselves as tech innovators and creators.  

Join the Hour of Code movement with Alludo. Our professional development platform offers dynamic video-based courses to help you facilitate coding sessions that excite, energize and educate. Maximize impact by using Hour of Code as a springboard to ongoing computer science education. With the right guidance and resources, your students can keep exploring, creating and innovating all year long.

Empower the next generation. Inspire new talents. Shape young lives through hands-on learning. Unlock every student's inner genius with Hour of Code!

Hour of Code Activities

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