Excel: Create a Nested IF function

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In a nested function, data is calculated using multiple functions/arguments. Nested functions are useful in scenarios where in order for X=Y, Y>n. 

Let's say you're calculating grades. In order for a student to pass for the quarter, they have to accumulate 500 points. You first need a function to find the sum of the student's points, and then a function that determines whether or not this sum translates to a pass or a fail. This is called a nested IF function.

Nested functions can be broken down further, to indicate what counts as an A, B, C, D or F. This would look like:


Create a nested IF function for student data in an Excel worksheet. You could calculate their letter grade, whether or not they can attend a school trip based on their attendance, whether or not they can register for a certain class next year, etc. Use your own student data, or create some dummy data to try this function.


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