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Classroom is an app for teachers, available for supported iPad devices and Mac computers, to hold classes in a schoolroom.

When teaching in class, you can launch a specific app, website, or textbook page. You can also send documents to and receive them from your students, and share student work locally on a TV, monitor, or projector using Apple TV. Finally, you can see which apps students are working in and, at the end of the class, view a summary of how students spent their time. 


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Create a Class in Apple Classroom

  1. Tap the Classroom app  on your iPad, then tap Continue.

  2. Tap Create Class, enter the name for your class, select a location, icon, and background color for that class, then tap Done.

    Note: The location of the class in Apple School Manager appears under the class name.

  3. When you make a class available for a student to add, Classroom preferences appear in iPadOS Settings on the student’s iPad.  

Add Students to your Class

  1. Tapthe Actions button, then select Add Students.

  2. Select each student you want to invite to the class, then tap Add.

    A checkmark  appears for each student you select.

  3. Tap Done.

    If nearby students have their devices turned on and are signed in with their Managed Apple ID, they are automatically added to the class.

  4. Tap the Actions button, then tap the Connect button.

    Each remote student receives a notification to join your class.

    To add more students, repeat this task.

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