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As an educator, having the right tools to assess and nurture each student’s reading abilities is essential. That's why thousands of schools use Renaissance Star Reading. This innovative software provides customized reading assessments, actionable data, and evidence-based learning resources - everything you need to target instruction and interventions to meet students' needs. 

Through short, computer-adaptive Star Reading tests, you’ll get accurate, reliable reading scores and norms to identify students' skills and growth over time. The software tailors question difficulty to pinpoint students’ exact reading levels - more advanced for strong readers and less advanced for struggling readers. This makes testing faster, less frustrating, and more equitable. 

Star Reading tests now include scores tied to state standards. You’ll see how students are progressing toward end-of-year benchmarks and college readiness. Use Star data to set meaningful, ambitious goals aligned to standards. Monitor growth through regular progress monitoring tests. And leverage Renaissance’s extensive resources - from skill-building apps to motivational reading challenges like Accelerated Reader - to spur student growth.  

With Star Reading’s detailed reports on students’ literacy skills, you can easily identify learning gaps and group students for differentiated instruction. Target interventions to close gaps. Monitor progress through the school year and over multiple years. Ensure students stay on track or get back on track to college and career readiness targets. 

Join the over 7,000 schools seeing outstanding results with Star Assessments. Let Renaissance provide the tools to set meaningful goals, monitor student growth, identify gaps, target instruction and practice, and promote lifelong reading habits. Request a free demo to bring Star’s research-backed literacy resources to your school.

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