Supporting EL's in the Classroom

Supporting EL's in the Classroom

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Teachers: Unlock Your Students' Full Potential with Supporting EL's Training

Have you ever felt like you weren't reaching your English Learner students as well as you could be? That no matter what you tried, there was an invisible barrier preventing them from thriving academically? You're not alone. Many well-intentioned teachers struggle to fully engage multilingual learners due to lack of training and resources. 

But what if you discovered it wasn't you, it was your toolbox that needed upgrading? With the right professional development, you can gain the skills and knowledge to create an inclusive, curiosity-rich environment where EL students can blossom.

That's why we urgently recommend exploring the comprehensive Supporting EL's in the Classroom online training series available exclusively through Alludo. Overflowing with over 15 hours of dedicated EL instructional techniques, this online academy arms you with designated and integrated ELD methods that get results.

Watch engaging webinars demonstrating how to leverage instructional technology and environmental print to lower affective filters and make content accessible at your EL students' linguistic level. Learn innovative Question Formulation Techniques to reignite their natural curiosity and empower participation. Discover virtual fishbowl discourse strategies that model academic language and promote voice. 

The proven tips, tools and teaching practices packed into the Supporting EL's training will revolutionize your ability to connect with, engage and advance multilingual learners. You'll foster the deep sense of belonging that unlocks their potential and sets them up for lifelong achievement.

Don't let language barriers rob your EL students of the world-class education they deserve. Equip yourself to meet their unique needs with the Alludo Supporting EL's in the Classroom training series. Unlock their full potential today!

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